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SMART-1 Impact Site

SMART-1 Impact Site

31 August 2006

This mosaic of images, obtained by the Advanced Moon Imaging Experiment (AMIE) on board ESA's SMART-1 spacecraft, shows the predicted lunar impact site for the mission.

The location of the SMART-1 impact site

AMIE obtained this sequence on 19 August 2006 from the relatively high distance of 1200 kilometres from the surface, with a resolution of about 120 metres per pixel. The imaged area is located at mid-southern latitudes on the lunar nearside near Lacus Excellentiae.

To take these images, SMART-1 had to be tilted by 20 degrees in order to obtain a large ground coverage and an image mosaic of several views, each covering an area about 60 kilometres per side.

On its final orbits, SMART-1 will be travelling from north to south over the lunar near side, and it is predicted that impact with the lunar surface will occur around 46 seconds, 90 kilometres, before the orbital perilune point. According to calculations based on the available maps and topography, impact would take place at a descending angle of one degree on a relatively flat surface.

The predicted impact site is at 46.2° W, 33.3° S.

Note: The actual impact time may vary by a few minutes due to final orbital correction manoeuvres.

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