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Observing the Moon, Roadmap to SMART-1 Impact Site

Observing the Moon, Roadmap to SMART-1 Impact Site

Date: 01 August 2006
Depicts: Lunar phase for 2 September 2006, 05:42UT
Copyright: ESA & Virtual Moon Atlas & Clementine Project, BMDO, NRL, LLNL

This view shows the lunar phase on the night before nominal impact, at 05:42UT on 2 September 2006. The red diamond marks the SMART-1 Crash Site as Revised on 6 August 2006 (S1C-R) with the coordinates 46.25° W, 36.44° S. A few of the features from the pointing roadmap are labelled in this view. A more detailed close-up of the region around the S1C-R point, with the remainder of the roadmap features also labelled, is linked from the right-hand side under related images.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
18-Jun-2024 15:26 UT

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