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Model Payload

Model Payload

The Science objectives of TSSM (derived from TandEM and Titan Explorer concepts) at Titan could only be met by a combination of measurements performed by the Titan Orbiter payload and the Titan in situ elements.

While the orbiter payload would be optimized for Titan science, it would be carefully designed and/or operated to optimize the Saturn System objectives either from Saturn Orbit or from Titan Orbit. The assessment studies will look carefully at synergies and complementarities between individual instruments on either the Orbiter or the in situ elements, and between the different platforms.

The following main classes of instruments are under consideration:

Titan Orbiter payload
Ion and neutral mass spectrometer, thermal IR spectrometer, magnetometer, micro-gradiometer, radio science, UV spectrometer, near IR camera and mapping spectrometer, radar altimeter, SAR imager, subsurface radar sounder, microwave radiometer, energetic neutral analyzer, plasma analyzer, energetic particles detector, advanced aerosol analyzer, dust detector, E-field and plasma waves sensors, accelerometer.

In situ elements payloads
GCMS, Vis and NIR camera and mapping spectrometer, Atmospheric structure instrument/meteorology sensor, GPR, advanced aerosol analyser, IR spectrometer, laser altimeter, Gradiometer, Nephelometer, radio science, accelerometer, auroral & airglow photometer, atmospheric electricity and waves instrument, acoustic sensor, magnetometer, RAMAN-LIBS spectrometer, gas analyser/chemical sensors, microscope/close-up imager, mole, heat flow/physical properties, seismometer, sub-critical water extractor & μ-capillary Electrophoresis, X-ray spectrometer, optical rain gauge.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
21-Jun-2024 14:13 UT

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