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CDF Internal Final Presentations of the STE and PEP studies

CDF Internal Final Presentations of the STE and PEP studies

Two studies have recently been completed at ESA's Concurrent Design Facility (CDF): the Space-Time Explorer (STE) study and the Planetary Entry Probes (PEP) study. The CDF Internal Final Presentations on the outcome of each study are now available, together with the study summaries.


The Space-Time Explorer study has assessed the possible architecture and implementation of a fundamental physics mission that would set out to test Einstein's theories of special and general relativity by comparing high-precision atomic clocks in space and on ground. The tentative baseline mission is for a single spacecraft in a highly elliptical Earth orbit, carrying a caesium atomic clock, and employing a microwave link and optical link with the science ground stations.



The Planetary Entry Probes study has assessed the feasibility and preliminary design of entry and descent probes that would investigate the characteristics of the planetary atmospheres of Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The study has consolidated the knowledge about entry conditions at these planets, as well as identified the required technologies to enter the atmosphere and perform measurement down to pressure levels of 100 bar.


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