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Announcement of Opportunity for the Venus Express mission

Announcement of Opportunity for the Venus Express mission

12 December 2002

Announcement of Opportunity for the selection of Co-Investigators for the PFS and VIRTIS experiments to be flown on the Venus Express mission.

The Science Programme Committee (SPC) of ESA has approved the Venus Express mission for launch in November 2005 at its last meeting that took place in Paris on 4-5 November 2002.

SPC also approved a special funding for the assembly, integration, and testing of the Italian-provided spare kits of the PFS and VIRTIS experiments. In approving such funding, SPC has requested the experiment's principal investigators and the ESA Executive to proceed with a Europeanisation of the instrument's Science Teams.

We hereby invite the scientific community of the ESA Member States and Russia (as contributor) to submit scientific proposals to become a Co-Investigator of the PFS or VIRTIS instruments. For this opportunity we particularly encourage young scientists to submit proposals.

Proposals of a maximum of 5 pages, dealing with the scientific usage of PFS and VIRTIS, should be submitted to ESA not later than 13 January 2003.

Proposals written in Microsoft Word should be submitted via e-mail to:

Marcello Coradini
Coordinator Solar System Missions

And in copy to:

Håkan Svedhem
Venus Express Project Scientist

The proposer will find in the following text some information relative to the mission and its payload.

Announcement of Opportunity document

You can find further information in the Venus Express Mission Definition Report and in the technical documentation for the VIRTIS and PFS instruments. These documents can be downloaded in PDF format here:

Title Reference Download
Venus Express Mission Definition Report ESA-SCI(2001)6 PDF
VIRTIS for Venus Express RIR Data Package VVX-GAF-DP-001 PDF
VIRTIS Instrument Description VVX-GAF-RP-001 PDF
VIRTIS Performance Budget VVX-GAF-BD-002 PDF
Venus Express PFS Delta Documentation   PDF
Mars Express PFS Instrument Description MEX.CNR.IQAR.02 PDF
Mars Express PFS Instrument Performance Budgets MEX.CNR.IQAR.03 PDF

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