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Success of the first XMM Workshop

Success of the first XMM Workshop

6 October 1998

The First XMM Workshop 'Science with XMM', held at ESTEC from 30September to 2 October,was very well received and attracted over 200 non-ESA participants fromall over the world.Presentations covered a wide range of topics where XMM will greatlyextend the limitsof current scientific knowledge.

Oral and poster papers were presented on X-ray emission from sources as close as the moon to as far as the very edges of the known universe.

ESA's XMM team put forward their plans for interfacing with the scientific community and distributing XMM data products.

The workshop proceedings will be published on the web in the course of November 1998.

The X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission is scheduled for launch in January 2000, and the first Announcement of Opportunity for XMM observations will be released by the end of the year.

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