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2nd XMM imaging camera delivered

2nd XMM imaging camera delivered

14 October 1998

The second imaging camera (EPIC MOS 2) has been delivered to Dornier for integration in the focal plane.

Only one camera remains to be delivered.

The European Photon Imaging Camera (EPIC) is the imaging focal plane instrument of XMM. The EPIC consortium comprises groups from the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany (Principal Investigator: M. Turner, Leicester, UK)

EPIC consists of three CCD cameras, one at the focal plane of each mirror assembly. The CCDs provide simultaneous non-dispersive spectroscopy and imaging for each field observed by XMM. A British team (Leicester and Birmingham University) are responsible for two of the camera heads including Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) CCDs and Analogue Electronics. The German groups at AI Tubingen and MPE Garching are responsible for the third camera containing pn CCDs.

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