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World astronomers invited to contribute to XMM

World astronomers invited to contribute to XMM

18 January 1999

ESA has issued the first 'Announcement of Opportunity' for observations to be performed with the X-ray Multi-mirror satellite (XMM), for the period May 2000 to May 2002. Proposers from all over the world are welcome to make proposals. The closing date is 17 April 1999.

XMM, scheduled for launch on 21 January 2000, is offering astronomers a unique opportunity to study X-ray sources in the Universe. The satellite's usable observation time is to be shared by scientists directly associated with the XMM programme - the so-called 'guaranteed' time (approximately 25 % of the approved mission lifetime) and the remaining time is now being offered to other astronomers. The aim is to maximise use of the space observatory.

All proposals will be subject to independent peer review by the XMM Time Allocation Committee (OTAC), who will issue the approved observing programme in September 1999.

The full Announcement of Opportunity and details on how to submit a proposal are given on the XMM Science Operations Centre web pages.

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