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XMM updates from the test floor

XMM updates from the test floor

25 May 1999

With the XMM mission just over six months from launch, the XMM web page nowpresents regular updates. Starting with the mating of the spacecraft's upper and lower halves, due to take place today, 26 May, this page will offer regularly updated views of XMM in the integration area of the ESTEC test facilities.Last Update 16:55h

Access to this area is severely restricted to avoid contamination of the satellite and particularly its precious mirror modules. Proceedings can be observed from an external gallery. But from today, key events in the clean room can be followed on the XMM web page, which will be featuring photographs taken by the XMM team, together with short explanations on the operations taking place.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
24-Feb-2024 05:34 UT

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