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XMM's X-Ray Telescopes

XMM's X-Ray Telescopes

Publication date: 01 December 1999

Authors: de Chambure, D., et al.

Journal: ESA Bulletin
Volume: 100
Year: 1999

Copyright: ESA

The XMM observatory has, at its heart, three large X-ray telescopes, which will provide a large collecting area (1430 cm² each at 1.5 keV, and 610 cm² each at 8.0 keV) with a spatial resolution of around 14-15 arcsec. At the end of 1998, three months ahead of schedule, the three flight and the two spare models of the X-ray telescope were handed over to the XMM Prime Contractor Daimler Chrysler Aerospace (D). The three flight models were integrated onto the spacecraft's optical platform at ESTEC at the end of March 1999.

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