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The Attitude and Orbit Control of XMM

The Attitude and Orbit Control of XMM

Publication date: 01 December 1999

Authors: Elfving, A.

Journal: ESA Bulletin
Volume: 100
Year: 1999

Copyright: ESA

Attitude and orbit control of the XMM spacecraft relies on two subsystems on-board: the Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem (AOCS) and the Reaction Control Subsystem (RCS). Together they must provide:

  • stable Sun-pointing after the spacecraft's separation from the launcher and during solar-array deployment
  • increase the spacecraft's perigee altitude by means of a chemical propulsion delta-V of about 210 ms-1
  • provide undisturbed, high-accuracy, three-axis pointing during scientific observations lasting up to 40 h
  • slew the spacecraft between observations, and before and after perigee ensure that the Sun remains more than 15 deg away from the telescope at all times.

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