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Astro-E2 ESA Guest Investigator Programme

Astro-E2 ESA Guest Investigator Programme

14 May 2004

This is to inform you of the first round of the ESA Astro-E2 Guest Investigator Programme (EAO-1). Scientists belonging to institutions within ESA Member States may apply for observing time on the Japanese/US X-ray astronomy mission Astro-E2 through this AO. The aim of the programme is to maximize the scientific return from the mission through co-operation between European and Japanese scientists. Assuming a launch in 2005 January/February, the observing time covered by EAO-1 will start in around 2005 September and last for 12 months. Approximately 6% of the total observing time will be allocated to successful proposals from the ESA Member States.

The Announcement of Opportunity will open on 18 May 2004 and close on 18 August 2004. Proposals to participate in the Astro-E2 Guest Investigator Programme must be prepared in accordance with the information available electronically from RSSD and must be submitted to ESA by 18 August 2004 at the latest with a copy to the relevant national funding institutions. It is expected that the selection of European Guest Investigators will be announced in the course of December 2004.

The EAO-1 documents must be retrieved electronically from RSSD's Astro-E2 WWW home page: which provides links to the most recent information. Users unable to retrieve the Astro-E2 documentation, or with other problems, are requested to contact:

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