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XMM-Newton Status Report - November 2007

XMM-Newton Status Report - November 2007

Mission StatusXMM-Newton operations are continuing smoothly, with the spacecraft, instruments and ground segment all performing nominally. Operations are funded until 31 March 2010 and a request for a further extension until 31 December 2012 is being submitted to the SPC. This request combines elements of operations with INTEGRAL and no longer includes real-time instrument monitoring at ESAC to reduce costs while maintaining a satisfactory level of scientific performance.

Operations and Archiving

Despite the fact that XMM-Newton will not reach its 10-year design lifetime until the end of 2009 a similar independent review of operations as for INTEGRAL was performed. The MEOR found that the spacecraft, instruments and ground segment are in excellent health and the projected life-limited items and consumables lifetimes are sufficient to support operations to well beyond the requested extension.

The MEOR also fully endorsed the combined operations concept including moving the real time instrument monitoring from ESAC to automation running at ESOC. This is currently under test with ESAC in "listening" mode and responsibility for monitoring the instrument radiation levels with a newly developed software package under the supervision of the ESOC spacecraft controllers.

A major XMM-Newton Science Archive release took place end of August with reprocessed data and the release of 2XMM catalogue.

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