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Cassini-Huygens nears insertion into Saturn's orbit

Cassini-Huygens nears insertion into Saturn's orbit

23 June 2004

ESA PR 33-2004. The ESA/NASA Cassini-Huygens mission, launched in October 1997, is currently heading for Titan, Saturn's largest moon. The ESA Huygens probe will be the first ever to land on the surface of a moon in the outer Solar System, and the NASA Cassini orbiter will continue to explore Saturn and its rings.

On 1 July UT (30 June Pacific Daylight Time), after a journey of almost seven years and four gravity-assist swing-by manoeuvres, the spacecraft will be inserted into its orbit around Saturn and will reach its closest approach to the planet. The Huygens probe will be detached from the mother ship on 25 December and is due to land on Titan in January next year.

For the full press release visit the ESA Science Media Centre

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