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Cassini Tour of Saturn

Cassini Tour of Saturn

Date: 01 June 2004
Satellite: Cassini-Huygens
Depicts: Overview of the different parts of the Saturn tour
Copyright: NASA

These two plots provide a polar view (top) and edge-on view (bottom) of Cassini's tour of the Saturn system. The tour is divided into 6 different segments that are colour coded in the two plots. The 6 segments are:

BlackSaturn Orbit Insertion and Probe Release
OrangeOccultation Sequence
GreenPetal Rotation and Magnetotail Petal
Blue Titan 180 Transfer
YellowRotation / Icy Satellites
RedHigh Inclination Sequence

In the polar view the inner dashed circle represents the orbit of Titan and the outer dashed circle represents the orbit of Iapetus. The scales on the axes are in Saturn radii.

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