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Saturn: Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Magnetosphere

Saturn: Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Magnetosphere

Publication date: 19 March 2010

Authors: Gombosi, T.I. and Ingersoll, A.P.

Journal: Science
Volume: 327
Issue: 5972
Page: 1476-1479
Year: 2010

Copyright: AAAS

The Cassini spacecraft has been in orbit around Saturn since 30 June 2004, yielding a wealth of data about the Saturn system. This review focuses on the atmosphere and magnetosphere and briefly outlines the state of our knowledge after the Cassini prime mission. The mission has addressed a host of fundamental questions: What processes control the physics, chemistry, and dynamics of the atmosphere? Where does the magnetospheric plasma come from? What are the physical processes coupling the ionosphere and magnetosphere? And, what are the rotation rates of Saturn's atmosphere and magnetosphere?

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