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Electric field data from EFW

Electric field data from EFW

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on two spacecraft showing the motion of the spacecraft in and out of the magnetosphere (Electric Field data from G. Gustafsson, Uppsala, Sweden). The spacecraft were outside the magnetosphere at first, although Tango (SC4) made a small incursion inside. After 03:30 both spacecraft drifted in and out of the magnetosphere as it rapidly changed in size. The small differences in their data were due to their different positions. At the peak of the storm, which coincided with the strongest "shrinkage" of the magnetosphere, the spacecraft were exposed to the solar wind for more than 2 hours. Then the compression decreased and the spacecraft moved back inside the Earth's zone of magnetic influence. Salsa finished acquiring data at 09:00 UTC while Tango's measurements lasted about one hour longer.
Last Update: 1 September 2019
19-Oct-2021 08:47 UT

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