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Visibility zones for AKR bursts, and Cluster data

Visibility zones for AKR bursts, and Cluster data

Date: 26 June 2008
Satellite: Cluster
Depicts: Predicted zones of visibility from models, and Cluster data
Copyright: American Geophysical Union

Earth is viewed here from above the northern hemisphere. The middle dotted circle corresponds to 70 degrees latitude, the center of the North magnetic pole. The locations of AKR bursts determined from the 4-spacecraft Cluster array on 10 October 2005 at 07:11 UT are shown as black crosses (125 kHz), and squares (250 kHz). Red and green regions depict two possible zones of visibility of AKR bursts as predicted by models that were proposed 30 years ago. These are clearly incompatible with the locations determined by Cluster. The AKR bursts are however found to be within the range of prediction of a more recent model (yellow zone).
Last Update: 1 September 2019
24-Apr-2024 02:56 UT

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