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Cluster observations around a magnetic null pair

Cluster observations around a magnetic null pair

Date: 08 August 2008
Satellite: Cluster
Depicts: Cluster C2 observations around a magnetic null pair
Copyright: He, J.-S. et al. [2008]

Observations obtained with Cluster C2, including a peak of electron number density (panel a), bi-directional energetic electron beams (panel e) and enhancement of high-frequency electrostatic wave (panel f), over the period from 09:48:22.5 to 09:48:28.5 UT.

From top to bottom the plots show:

The plasma electron number density inferred from potential measurements by the EFW instrument.
The total magnetic field strength measured by the FGM instrument.
The magnetic field component of Bx measured by the FGM instrument in GSM.
The electric field component of Ey measured by the EFW instrument in GSE.
The electric field wave power spectrum observed by the STAFF instrument. The black line denotes the electron plasma frequency.
Two pitch angle distributions (PAD) of electron differential energy flux density measured by the PEACE instrument at 09:48:24.3 UT and 09:48:26.3 UT, respectively, both measured in a 1/8 second interval. The orange dotted vertical line through the top five plots (a-e) is located at the time of 09:48:25.6 UT.


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