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The Year Past and the Year Ahead

The Year Past and the Year Ahead

22 December 2006

2006 was another excellent year of scientific exploration and discovery within ESA. There were many highlights throughout the year including:

Cluster reveals fundamental 3-D properties of magnetic turbulence
Largest ever Hubble galaxy portrait - stunning HD image of Pinwheel Galaxy
First Images from Venus Express
XMM-Newton Reveals Origin of Elements in Galaxy Clusters
Cluster and Double Star discover density holes in the solar wind
SMART-1 Lunar Impact
OMEGA Measurements of Southern Polar Cap
The Colliding Antennae Galaxies
MARSIS Finds Ancient Buried Basins on Mars

In 2007.........

2007 also promises to be a busy year. 

  • 2007 is the International Heliophysical Year
  • The continuted testing and integration of the Herschel & Planck spacecraft
  • Advancing of the Cosmic Vision 2015 programme

In addition there are a number of specific mission milestones:

  • February - Rosetta flyby of Mars
  • April - End of Ulysses' third southern polar pass
  • April - Start of the two year extension to the SOHO mission
  • October - 5 years since the launch of INTEGRAL
  • October - End of the 1st Mars Express mission extension
  • November - Rosetta flyby of Earth
  • November - End of the Venus Express nominal mission
  • November - Start of Ulysses' third northern polar pass


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