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Cosmic Vision M-class missions - technical review reports

Cosmic Vision M-class missions - technical review reports

18 December 2009

The technical review reports for the six medium-class (M-class) candidate missions in the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 plan are now available. The reports present the outcome of ESA's internal review of the six M-class candidate missions.

The reviews were concluded at the end of the mission assessment phase and carried out in frame of the upcoming down-selection to 3 to 4 missions, which will then proceed to the definition phase. The main goal of the reviews was to identify for each mission its critical issues and associated risks at technical, programmatic and financial level.
The technical review reports can be downloaded here in PDF format:

Mission Reference Download
Cross-Scale SRE/PA/2009/068 PDF
Euclid SRE-PA/2009/051 PDF
Marco Polo SRE-PA/2009.069/Marco-Polo PDF
Plato SRE-PA/2009.081 PDF
Solar Orbiter SRE-PA/2009/90 PDF


Yellow Books

The Yellow Books (assessment study reports) of the six M-class candidate missions were already released earlier (see the related link in the right-hand menu for full details). They can be downloaded from the table below:

Mission Reference Download
Cross-Scale SRE-2009-1 (13.2 Mb) PDF
Euclid SRE-2009-2 (14.4 Mb) PDF
Marco Polo SRE-2009-3 (6.4 Mb) PDF
Plato SRE-2009-4 (26.1 Mb) PDF
Solar Orbiter SRE-2009-5 (23.8 Mb) PDF
SPICA SRE-2009-6 (13.3 Mb) PDF

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