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A Roadmap for Fundamental Physics in Space

A Roadmap for Fundamental Physics in Space

Publication date: 27 July 2010

Authors: Fundamental Physics Roadmap Advisory Team (FPR-AT)

Year: 2010

Copyright: ESA

The Fundamental Physics Roadmap Advisory Team (FPR-AT) has been convened by ESA in order to draw up recommendations on the scientific and technological roadmap necessary to lead Europe toward the realization of future space missions in the framework of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 plan in the field of fundamental physics.

This roadmap document is the final report prepared by the FPR-AT, after an in-depth consultation with the European scientific community.


Fundamental Physics Roadmap
Executive summary
A. Introduction
B. The scientific field covered by this roadmap: present status
B-2.Multiple connections
B-3.A rich space program and associated experiments
B-4.Ground vs space: future prospects on ground versus prospective missions
C. A roadmap for fundamental physics in space
C-1.Key science objectives
C-2.Priorities for the space program
C-4.The community and its organization
C-5.A set of recommendations

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