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Postponed launch for "TC-1" (Double Star-1)

Postponed launch for "TC-1" (Double Star-1)

25 December 2003

During the general inspection process for the Long March 2 C-SM launcher, a malfunction appeared in the detach mechanism for the launcher's solid booster, which required to be replaced. The unit was exchanged and the system successfully tested. The S/C has been mated with the upper stage engine on the evening of 23 December, and the composite has been enclosed in the fairing again. The composite has been re-installed on the top of the rocket in the morning of Dec 24 and a Flight Simulation Test (FST) with all scientific payload has been completed in the afternoon. This test has been supported by all European Experimenters, who had to interrupt their family preparations for Christmas Eve. Using Internet Messenger and on-line data distribution, the FGM PI being available from South Africa, all PIs confirmed the proper functioning of the scientific instruments and the successful completion of the FST. The spacecraft and launcher are now ready for launch. The launch will take place on 29 December 19:06 UT.

Postponed launch for "TC-1" (Double Star-1)
Last Update: 1 September 2019
25-Jul-2024 13:48 UT

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