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TC-1 Magnetopause Crossing on 26.03.04

TC-1 Magnetopause Crossing on 26.03.04

Date: 25 March 2004
Satellite: Double Star TC-1
Depicts: Observations during magnetopause crossing
Copyright: Courtesy Z. Pu (Peking University, Beijing, China), H. Reme (CESR, France) and A. Fazakerley (MSSL, UK)

Magnetopause crossing with Double Star TC-1 of 26 March 2004.

From top to bottom the plot shows:

  • The three components of the magnetic field
  • Ion density and ion perpendicular temperature
  • The three components of ion velocity
  • Electron density
  • Electron perpendicular temperature
  • Electron heat flux

Note the IMF-Bz component (red) positive in the magnetosheath (before 09:41), the IMF-By (green) turning from positive to negative and the plasma flow Vy (green) turning from negative to positive around 09:42 UT. These all suggest a "component" reconnection at the magnetopause.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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