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Herschel Upcoming Integrated System Test

Herschel Upcoming Integrated System Test

18 January 2008

After arriving at ESTEC on 5 January and having passed its post shipment test, the Herschel Flight Model spacecraft was transferred from its Multi Purpose Trolley onto the Vertical Support Stand (VSS).

Herschel Flight Model, currently consisting of the service module and the cryostat vacuum vessel, is seen resting on its VSS in ESTEC cleanroom

The next main events for the Herschel spacecraft are the bake out and in parallel the IST- Integrated System Test. The bake out of the cryostat vacuum vessel is performed to remove excess water molecules from the system, improving the performance of the multi-layer insulation between the three internal thermal shields. The IST is the functional test of the entire satellite that is performed to verify the hardware and the software of each single part as an integrated part of the satellite.

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