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Calibration of INTEGRAL's Spectrometer SPI

Calibration of INTEGRAL's Spectrometer SPI

Date: 19 April 2001
Satellite: INTEGRAL
Depicts: Composite image of the calibration result, and the installation of SPI in the calibration clean room
Copyright: CESR, Toulouse; CEA/Saclay

Upper image
The first ever high-resolution gamma-ray image above 1 MeV produced with the coded mask technique during the calibration of INTEGRAL's spectrometer SPI. This image was obtained during the INTEGRAL SPI calibration campaign in April 2001. The calibration was carried out on the night of 18-19 April using a sodium-24 source. This image of a simulated star-like source produced with the coded mask technique is the first of its kind with such a high angular resolution (less than 2°) and was obtained at 2.75 MeV.
Image credit: CESR, Toulouse

Lower image
SPI being installed in its calibration clean-room at Bruyères-le-Châtel.
Image credit: CEA/Saclay

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