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<FONT size=1>ESA PR 63-2002</FONT> ESA's Integral satellite ready for lift-off from Baikonur

ESA PR 63-2002 ESA's Integral satellite ready for lift-off from Baikonur

7 October 2002

Follow the launch from one of the ESA establishmentsESA's Integral (International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory) satellite, will be launched by a Proton launcher from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on 17 October at 06:41 CEST (Central European Summer Time).

The most sensitive gamma-ray observatory ever launched, Integral is a truly international mission involving all ESA member states plus the USA and Russia. It carries four instruments from teams led by scientists in Italy, France, Germany, Denmark and Spain to gather and analyse gamma-rays, X-rays and visible light from celestial objects.

Integral will give astronomers across the world their clearest views yet of the most extreme environments in the Universe. It will detect radiation from the most violent events far away and from processes that made the Universe inhabitable.

Media representatives in Europe can follow the videotransmission of the launch at ESA/Darmstadt (ESOC) in Germany, which will be acting as the main European press centre, ESA/Noordwijk (ESTEC) in the Netherlands, ESA/Frascati (ESRIN) in Italy or ESA/Villafranca (VILSPA) in Spain. At each site ESA specialists will be available for interviews.

Media representatives wishing to attend are requested to complete the attached reply form in the plain text Press Release and fax it to the Communication Office at the establishment of their choice.

The ESA TV Service will provide video news releases and live coverage of the launch between 06:15-07:00 and 08:00-08:30 CEST. Details of the transmission schedule for the various Video News Releases can be found on

The launch can also be followed live on the internet at starting at 06:15 hrs. For further information, please contact :

ESA Media Relations Service
Tel: +33(0)1 53 69 7155
Fax: +33(0)1 53 69 7690

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