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INTEGRAL Announcement of Opportunity (AO-2)

INTEGRAL Announcement of Opportunity (AO-2)

15 July 2003

Dear Colleague,I am very pleased to invite you to respond to the 2nd "Announcement of Opportunity" by submitting proposals for observations to be performed with the International Gamma-ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL) satellite.

The gamma-ray observatory INTEGRAL is the second medium-sized mission of ESA's Horizon 2000 Science Programme. It was launched by a Proton launcher on 17th October 2002 and offers astronomers a unique opportunity to perform high resolution spectroscopy in the energy range from 20 keV to 8 MeV (Spectrometer SPI) and high angular resolution imaging in the energy range from 15 keV to 10 MeV (Imager IBIS). Concurrent monitoring of high energy sources is performed by the co-aligned monitors in the 3 keV to 35 keV X-ray band (X-ray Monitor JEM-X) and in the optical wavelengths (V, 500 - 600 nm) by the Optical Monitoring Camera OMC.

This Announcement solicits proposals for observations to be carried out in the period from December 2003 to December 2004. Proposers from all over the world are welcome to participate. All proposals will be subject to an independent peer review by the INTEGRAL Time Allocation Committee (TAC). Potential proposers are expected to prepare and submit proposals in electronic form by the deadline given below using the INTEGRAL Proposal Generation Tool software. The documentation, proposal submission and support software for this Announcement are being made available via the Internet at

The key milestones for this Announcement are:

Release of Announcement of Opportunity: 15 July 2003
Due date for Proposals:

05 September 2003,
15:00 CEST

Final TAC approved programme: October 2003

I wish you success with your proposals to use the INTEGRAL observatory.
Yours sincerely,

Prof. David Southwood,
ESA Director of Science

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