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ISO Status Report - October 2003

ISO Status Report - October 2003

The ISO Data Centre Active Archive Phase activities continue to run smoothly. On 24 July, anew version of the ISO Data Archive (IDA V.6) was released. This release was devoted to upgrading functionality associated with, and visibility of, the Highly Processed Data Products(HPDP) - data reduced systematically "by hand". Catalogues and atlases can now be easilyingested and queried. Projects focussed on reducing data from selected observing modes areunderway. The goal is to acquire HPDP for some 30% of the scientific contents of the ISOarchive during the Active Archive Phase.

Proceedings of two conferences organised by the ISO Data Centre have been issued: Exploiting the ISO Data Archive (SP-511) and the Calibration Legacy of ISO (SP-481).

Science Highlights

An ESA press release was issued on the occasion of ISO passing the milestone of 1000 refereed papers published. The overall publication rate continues to be good, with ISO papers covering all areas of astronomy. Recent results include:

  • The deepest survey by ISO (6 µJy at 6.7 µm)

    In the SSA13 field, a flux limit three times fainter than those in the Hubble Deep Fields at the same wavelength has been reported. 65 sources were detected down to 6 µJy in the 16 arcmin 2 field. Integrating individual sources in this flux range, the resolved fraction of the extragalactic background light at 6.7 µm is estimated to be 0.56 nW m-2sr -1 . The result is in agreement with the gravitational lensing result by Metcalfe et al. (2003) who reported the deepest 15 um result, and in fairly good agreement with a model prediction by Franceschini et al. (1997).

  • The first detection of a pure rotational transition of 17 OH in the Interstellar Medium

    Two resolved components of this transition appear in absorption towards the giant molecular cloud Sagittarius B2, which was observed at a spectral resolution of 33 kms-1 with the Fabry-Pérot mode of the ISO Long Wavelength Spectrometer.

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