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XEUS Payload Accommodation Study - Executive Summary

XEUS Payload Accommodation Study - Executive Summary

Publication date: 18 April 2007

Authors: D'Arrigo, P.

Volume: XEU.ASU.FR.002
Issue: 2
Page: 1-32
Year: 2007

Copyright: Astrium Limited

XEUS (X-ray Evolving Universe Spectroscopy) is one of the missions under consideration by ESA for its Cosmic Vision programme of advanced space exploration concepts set for launch in the 2015-2025 timeframe. Following-on from ESA successes in space observatories like XMM-Newton, XEUS relies on a number of innovative technologies to explore the universe at X-Ray wavelengths (e.g., micropore optics, formation flying control and detector and cooling technologies). Although the launch of XEUS is still some years away, the technology developments needed to meet the exacting science requirements mean that an early start is required to ensure that these technologies can be fully tested and qualified beforehand. At the same time this will enable XEUS to take full advantage of additional performance that these technologies can offer and deliver exciting new science. The XEUS Instrument Accommodation study was specifically focussed on assessing the spacecraft resource and technology development implications of carrying a suite of instruments on XEUS is thus the first step towards the successful implementation of XEUS.

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