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XEUS DSC PLM Accommodation Study - Executive Summary

XEUS DSC PLM Accommodation Study - Executive Summary

Publication date: 23 March 2007

Authors: Alcatel Alenia Space

Issue: 1
Page: 1-23
Year: 2007

Copyright: Alcatel Alenia Space

The XEUS payload module accommodation study is the basis for the forthcoming XEUS mission system study. The main objectives of the accommodation study are

  • to define the preliminary Detector SpaceCraft PayLoad Module (DSC PL design)
  • to identify the resources drivers
  • to define the interfaces
  • to assess the feasibility with core and extended instruments configuration
  • to identify the potential solutions for cryogenic chain
  • to identify the technology development and the critical issues
The Xeus mission goals are not achievable by means of a monolithic X-ray telescope but requires two satellites in a formation flying configuration at L2:
  • The Mirror SpaceCraft (MSC) hosting the Telescope Module, a circular X-ray composite optics with a diameter of 4.25 metres
  • The Detector SpaceCraft (DSC) hosting the Payload Module with core instruments of Wide Field Imager (WFI) and Narrow Filed Imager (NFI)
In the L2 Halo orbit, the MSC and DSC in formation flying, will operate like a large X-ray observatory with a focal length of 35 metres.

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