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Astronomy podcasts

Astronomy podcasts

Enjoy astronomy on the move with a podcast. Whether you are a beginner or an expert there are many podcasts available on the internet to download covering a wide range of astronomy topics. The small selection listed here directly relate to ESA and the International Year of Astronomy.
The Science@ESA video podcasts explore the extraordinary Universe in which we live as it is seen through the "eyes" of ESA's fleet of science spacecraft. A number of episodes will be produced during the International Year of Astronomy.
ESApod delivers selected audio and video programmes about ESA space activities. This includes podcasts on topics of space science and astronomy. For further details see the ESApod web page.
The Hubblecast features news and Images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. A number of formats are available for download: standard (mov, mpeg, mp4, m4v), HD (High Definition) and Full HD. For further details see the Hubblecast page.
The 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is a project publishing one podcast per day, for all 365 days of 2009. Each day has a specific topic or theme based on a daily calendar of astronomical events, themes and ideas created by the IYA. For further details see the 365 days of astronomy page.


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