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Join ESA's XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL observatories in the 'Around the World in 80 Telescopes' webcast

Join ESA's XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL observatories in the 'Around the World in 80 Telescopes' webcast

30 March 2009

On 3 April 2009 ESA astronomers will take part in a unique live webcast, 'Around the world in 80 telescopes'. During the webcast viewers will visit astronomers at observatories and research institutes around the world, including ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) near Madrid in Spain. This is part of the 100 Hours of Astronomy, a cornerstone project for the International Year of Astronomy.

This special webcast starts at 09:00 UT (11:00 CEST) on 3 April and will run for 24 hours, following night and day around the globe to some of the most advanced observatories both on and off the planet. ESA's dedicated segment will provide viewers with an insight into two space observatories, XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL, and an opportunity to meet astronomers working on these missions.

Your hosts at ESAC

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)

Maria Santos-Lleo, XMM-Newton Science Support Manager, and Erik Kuulkers, INTEGRAL Operations Scientist, will join the webcast from the XMM-Newton control room at ESAC. During their interview they will present a snapshot of life at ESAC and discuss their work as astronomers exploring the high-energy Universe. To find out more about your hosts at ESAC follow the links in the menu on the right.

Viewers can send in questions for Maria and Erik by email to


INTEGRAL competition and an exclusive XMM-Newton image


Tune in to the webcast to hear Erik announce a special INTEGRAL competition which is being held to mark the International Year of Astronomy. The competition, open to students in secondary schools and University undergraduates, offers a number of great prizes, including a trip to the European Space Astronomy Centre, the scientific heart of ESA.
To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy and the 100 Hours of Astronomy cornerstone project a dedicated observation of the well-known starburst galaxy, M82, will be made by XMM-Newton on the evening of 3 April. Maria will reveal a sneak preview of the exclusive XMM-Newton image of M82 which will be released in the week following the webcast.


About the ‘Around the world in 80 telescopes’ webcast

To join Maria and Erik as they broadcast live from ESAC, Spain at 14:10 UT (16:10 CEST) on 3 April 2009 go to the 100HA website or the 100HA channel on Ustream (see the links in the right-hand menu) The webcast is hosted by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), Garching, Germany. In addition to XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL other participating telescopes include the Hawaii-based telescopes Gemini North and Keck, the Anglo-Australian Telescope, telescopes in the Canary Islands, the Southern African Large Telescope, Chilean observatories such as ESO's Very Large Telescope, space-based telescopes such as the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and many more. 'Around the World in 80 Telescopes' will take viewers to every continent, including Antarctica! The 100 Hours of Astronomy Ustream channel will feature recordings of all 100 Hours of Astronomy webcasts.

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