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Dutch astronomy-themed stamps feature ESA missions

Dutch astronomy-themed stamps feature ESA missions

16 June 2009

To commemorate the launch this year of two major ESA astronomical spacecraft, Herschel and Planck, and in recognition of the International Year of Astronomy, Royal TNT Post in the Netherlands has issued a collection of limited edition stamps, entitled 'The Universe - Yours to Discover'.

The collect of nine postage stamps are displayed in a beautifully illustrated booklet which includes descriptions of Herschel and Planck as well as of Cosmic Vision - ESA’s continuing space science programme that will tackle some of the big scientific questions concerning the Universe and our place within it.

The General Assembly of the United Nations has declared 2009 as the 'International Year of Astronomy'. This global programme was initiated by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO with the aim of helping the citizens of the world to rediscover their place in the Universe. The recently issued stamp collection reflects the theme of this special year in the title ‘The Universe – Yours to Discover’.

Each year, Royal TNT Post in the Netherlands issues a number of limited edition stamp collections. These collections take a wide variety of themes such as culture, flora/fauna, sports, entertainment and, as for this series, space science and astronomy.

‘The Universe – Yours to Discover’ is a limited edition issue of 15 000 booklets. This stamp collection is available to purchase online from the Royal TNT Post website as well as in the Netherlands at the Space Expo in Noordwijk and from the Collect Club in Groningen. 

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