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Selected SMART-1 images for inspiration

Selected SMART-1 images for inspiration

If you are interested in studying the craters on the Moon for your entry in the My Moon Campaign competition have a look at the selection of lunar images linked to from this page. These were taken with the AMIE camera on ESA's SMART-1 satellite. Perhaps you are looking to find a crater on the Moon that is size of your home town or city, maybe you would like to match drawings from your own observations of the lunar surface with those taken by a spacecraft, or perhaps you are simply interested in the craters and their structure or names. Whatever your reason you may find an image here that suits your needs.

These close-up images of the Moon's surface all show cratered areas of the near side of the Moon – the side that is visible from Earth.

The image below shows the disk of the near-side of the Moon. Click on the image to find out the location of the each of the close-up images, labelled 1-5. Use the links in the left-hand menu to view and download the close-up images.

One of the close-up images has the Apollo 11 landing site in the field of view. See if you can find out which one by comparing the images 1-5 with the Apollo 11 landing site image also in the right-hand menu.

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