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Margaritifer Terra

Margaritifer Terra

Date: 15 June 2006
Satellite: Mars Express
Depicts: Margaritifer Terra
Copyright: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

A portion of the Margaritifer Terra region on the surface of Mars centred around 2.4°N, 333°E. (USGS quadrangle MC-11/MC-19).

Margaritifer Terra is an ancient heavily cratered region with chaotic terrain, outflow channels and sediment deposits, indicative of massive flooding. Wind erosion patterns are also visible in this region.

At the top of the image, part of the large Galilaei crater with a diameter of about 137 km can be seen. The crater is named after the Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei.

Across the centre of the image a steep flank of the Hydaspis Chaos region can be seen running from east to west and the northern rim of the Areum Chaos region runs through the bottom part of the image. This type of chaotic regions on Mars is believed to have formed by the collapse of the terrain due to the release of groundwater. Outflow channels are seen to originate from these regions.

Image created by ESA Science from data contained in the Mars Express public archive. The selected colour scheme is an interpretation based on the original raw data.

*Note: some of the image version provided are very large (4815 x 41989 pixels) and may take some time to open.


Image Details
Orbit Number


Image capture start 2004-11-14 T 03:47:09.752
Image capture stop 2004-11-14 T 03:49:22.704
West: 332.052° E
East: 333.055° E
North: 6.7994°
South: -2.0609°
Image Sizes
Nadir: 58 x 528 x 59 x 528 km
Red: 58 x 528 x 61 x 528 km
Green: 77 x 668 x 63 x 667 km
Blue: 58 x 528 x 60 x 528 km
Source reference files
Nadir: H1055_0000_ND3.IMG
Red: H1055_0000_RE3.IMG
Blue: H1055_0000_BL3.IMG
Green: H1055_0000_GR3.IMG
Max. resolution of original
Nadir: 11.3 m per pixel
Red: 206.6 m per pixel
Green: 206.6 m per pixel
Blue: 206.6 m per pixel
Max. resolution of processed file

11.3 m per pixel

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO License. Creative Commons License

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