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Noachis Terra

Noachis Terra

Date: 28 June 2006
Satellite: Mars Express
Copyright: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, CC BY-SA IGO 3.0

Noachis Terra is one of the extensive land masses (Terrae) on Mars, lying in the southern highlands roughly between the latitudes -20° and -80° and longitudes 30° west and 30° east (USGS MC-26 quadrangle). This image shows an area of about 91 000 square kilometres in the northern region of Noachis Terra. The larger crater in the bottom left corner of the image is roughly 52 km in diameter. North is up.

*Note: some of the image versions provided are very large (5065 x 6513 pixels) and may take some time to open.


Image Details
Orbit Number


Image capture start 2004-06-26 T 01:16:15.19
Image capture stop 2004-06-26 T 01:21:47.33
Left: 350.864° E
Right: 357.000° E
Top: -29.8902°
Bottom: -35.4830°
Image Sizes
Nadir: 218 x 400 x 254 x 401 km
Red: 264 x 429 x 318 x 440 km
Green: 212 x 396 x 246 x 395 km
Blue: 225 x 404 x 263 x 406 km
Source reference files
Nadir: H0551_0000_ND3.IMG
Red: H0551_0000_RE3.IMG
Blue: H0551_0000_BL3.IMG
Green: H0551_0000_GR3.IMG
Max. resolution of original
Nadir: 41.9 m per pixel
Red: 210.7 m per pixel
Green: 162.9 m per pixel
Blue: 172.9 m per pixel
Max. resolution of processed file

41.9 m per pixel

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO License. Creative Commons License


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