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SOHO Recertification Board recommendations

SOHO Recertification Board recommendations

6 December 1998

The SOHO recertification board, jointly chaired by ESA and NASA, met at Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) on 2 and 3 December. The Board made a number of conclusions and recommendations, the first of which was to commend the 'outstanding achievements of the SOHO recovery team'.

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • The Board acknowledges the outstanding achievements of the SOHO Recovery Team
  • The spacecraft is operating in a sun-pointing mode with all instruments on and collecting high-quality science data
  • Roll gyro redundancy has been lost, which increases the risk associated with recovery from future spacecraft anomalies
  • The Board endorses implementation of several measures to increase ground system effectiveness in order to reduce risk to operations
  • Recommendations include a strengthened management structure and processes with increased staffing and includes a phased approach to transition to normal operations
  • Implementation of the response to the recommendations will contribute significantly to the mitigation of risk of future operations and ensure the obligations of both agencies.

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