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The best of SOHO on a CD-Rom

The best of SOHO on a CD-Rom

16 March 2000

Stunning images and movies of the stormy Sun are included in ESA's newCD-ROM "SOHO: Exploring the Sun". The material comes from four years'observations of the Sun by the ESA-NASA SOHO spacecraft since its launchat the end of 1995. The CD-ROM is organized by subjects in an easy-to-use format.Nearly 200,000 copies are being distributed to the readersof several astronomy and space magazines, with the April 2000 issues ofAstronomy Now (United Kingdom) and Orione (Italy), and the May issuesof Ciel et Espace (France) and Sterne und Weltraum (Germany).

Selected by ESA's project scientists and packaged by Finnish CD designers, the material is enriched with information about the history of solar science, the Sun-Earth connection, and the SOHO mission.

Commenting on the release in 'Ciel et Espace', ESA's Director of Science, Roger Bonnet, writes:

"We are privileged to be alive at a time when human understanding of the Sun, and of our relationship to it, has taken a great leap forward. The SOHO CD-ROM captures an important episode in scientific history, and communicates both the background and the discoveries in simple and vivid ways."

Astronomy Now - April issue (on sale on 21st March)
Sterne und Weltraum - May issue
Ciel et Espace - May issue (goes on sale on 25 April)
Orione - April issue (on sale on 30 March)

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