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The History of the SOHO Mission

The History of the SOHO Mission

Publication date: 02 April 1996

Authors: Huber, M.C.E., et al.

Journal: ESA Bulletin
Volume: 86
Year: 1996

Copyright: ESA

The roots of the SOHO mission and the story leading to the comprehensive observatory that the spacecraft is today are summarised here. Now fully operational in its halo orbit around the first Lagrangian point (L1) between the Earth and the Sun, SOHO is providing the international scientific community with the unique opportunity, and also challenge, of understanding the Sun and heliosphere as one complex, global system. It is a superb tool with which to investigate our daylight star and its circumstellar environment, from the Sun's centre, through its visible surface and tenuous corona, and out into the heliosphere to distances corresponding to more than ten times the orbital distance of the Earth.

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