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SOHO's 1000th Comet Contest

SOHO's 1000th Comet Contest

26 January 2005

Although not originally designed for this purpose, SOHO has become the most prolific discoverer of comets in the history of astronomy.

Two comets heading for the Sun. Credit: SOHO/LASCO (ESA/NASA)

On 15 January this year, a new milestone was reached with the discovery of the 900th comet. This has set the stage for upcoming discoveries that eventually lead to the 1000th comet on the SOHO list.

To celebrate the upcoming milestone and the success of the SOHO mission a contest is set up, and you can enter to predict the date and time when the 1000th comet will make its closest approach to the Sun (perihelion). The person closest to the time, either before or after the comet reaches perihelion, wins.

Details on the contest and how to enter can be found at

The closing date for submitting your entry is 15 May.

The first prize is a package of goodies that will include the SolarMax DVD, a SOHO T-shirt, solar viewing glasses, and a selection of SOHO materials. Second and third place entries will receive the same package without the DVD.

History of SOHO milestone discovery dates

Comet #

Discovery Date
04 February 2000
31 August 2000
25 March 2001
26 February 2001
14 August 2002
29 April 2003
02 December 2003
11 June 2004
15 January 2005

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