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Solar Wind 11 / SOHO 16 - Connecting Sun and Heliosphere

Solar Wind 11 / SOHO 16 - Connecting Sun and Heliosphere

Start date: 13 Jun 2005, 18:00
Address: Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler, British Columbia,, Canada
Organiser: ESA

The conference will have six sessions:

  1. Particle acceleration in the Sun and heliosphere
    Tutorial Lecture: Joe Giacalone
    Invited Speakers: Hillary Cane, Allan Tylka, May-Britt Kallenrode
  2. Acceleration and heating of solar plasma
    Tutorial Lecture: Tom Holzer
    Invited Speakers: Boris Gudiksen, Aad van Ballegooijen, Eckart Marsch
  3. Connecting CMEs and ICMEs
    Tutorial Lecture: Peter Cargill
    Invited Speakers: Nancy Crooker
  4. Magnetic field transport from the Sun to the heliosphere
    Tutorial Lecture: Karel Schrijver
    Invited Speakers: Len Fisk, Neil Sheeley, Yuhong Fang
  5. Interaction of the Sun with the galaxy
    Tutorial Lecture: Ed Stone
    Invited Speakers: Tom Krimigis, Vladimir Florinski
  6. Future Missions
    Invited Speakers: Dave McComas, Thomas Moore, Richard Marsden, Bob Lin, Bill Liu

More info:

The purpose of this conference is to establish our state of knowledge in the relevant fields of solar and heliospheric physics and to determine the prime scientific challenges that will face us during the next few years.

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