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Seismic Images of the Far Side of the Sun

Seismic Images of the Far Side of the Sun

Publication date: 10 March 2000

Authors: Lindsey, C., et al.

Journal: Science
Volume: 287
Issue: 5459
Page: pp. 1799-1801
Year: 2000

Copyright: Preprint

Images of an active region on the far side of the Sun were derived by applying seismic holography to recent helioseismic observations from space. Active regions are the centers of energetic phenomena such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections whose resulting electromagnetic and particle radiation interfere with telecommunications and power transmissions on Earth and can pose significant hazards to astronauts and spacecraft. Synoptic seismic imaging of far-side solar activity will now allow us to anticipate the appearance of large active regions more than a week ahead of their arrival on the east solar limb.

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