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Testing of the XMM Structural and Thermal Model at ESTEC

Testing of the XMM Structural and Thermal Model at ESTEC

Publication date: 02 April 1998

Authors: Kletzkine, P., et al.

Journal: ESA Bulletin
Volume: 94
Year: 1998

Copyright: ESA

The XMM (X-ray Multi-Mirror) spacecraft, a space-borne X-ray observatory to be launched by Ariane-5 in 1999, stands 10 m-high and measures over 4 m in diameter in launch configuration, for a launch mass of just under 4 tonnes. Such a tall spacecraft challenges the capabilities of existing European environmental testing facilities. The spacecraft design does allow for a relatively straightforward splitting into modules. The Structural and Thermal Model (STM) of the XMM spacecraft has successfully undergone mechanical environmental testing at the European Space Research & Technology Centre (ESTEC). This article briefly introduces the XMM project, presents an overview of the XMM configuration constraints, explains the spacecraft-level model philosophy and mechanical test flow, and summarises the present status of the tests performed.

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