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6.4 keV Light Curve of Sgr B2 Region

6.4 keV Light Curve of Sgr B2 Region

Date: 15 April 2008
Depicts: Light curve of Sgr B2 region
Copyright: Inui, T. et al. [2008]

This light curve of the 6.4 keV line emission from neutral iron in the Sgr B2 region is composed from archive data of four X-ray missions:

September 1994 ASCA (Japan)
March 2000 Chandra (NASA)
April 2001 XMM-Newton (ESA)
July 2001 Chandra (NASA)
September 2004 XMM-Newton (ESA)
October 2005 Suzaku (Japan)

The Sgr B2 region for which the combined light curve was derived by Tatsuya Inui et al. [2008] is outlined in the related image.

Two prominent objects in this region, M0.66-0.02 and G0570-0.018, show a similar light curve over the studied period. From the combined X-ray data Tatsuya Inui et al. [2008] arrive at the conclusion that Sgr A*, the black hole at the Galactic centre, caused X-ray fluorecense in these two objects some 300 years after Sgr A* experienced an outburst.


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