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New pictures of Titan to come from Galileo

New pictures of Titan to come from Galileo

7 December 1998

NASA's Galileo spacecraft, currently orbiting around Jupiter,will take images of Saturn's moon Titan and of other Outer Solar SystemObjects this week for the purpose of calibrating some of its camera filters.

The ESA Huygens Probe, part of the joint NASA/ESA Cassini/Huygens mission, is on its way to Titan to learn more about this enigmatic moon, so the Huygens scientists await these new pictures from Galileo with great interst.

Once at Titan, in November 2004, the Huygens Probe will descend through the moon's atmosphere, taking in-situ samples, measuring the physical and chemical properties of the thick and hazy atmosphere and making images of the clouds and surface.

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