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Dynamics of Titan's thermosphere

Dynamics of Titan's thermosphere

Publication date: 01 January 2000

Authors: Rishbeth, H., Yelle, R.V. and Mendillo, M.

Journal: Planetary and Space Science
Volume: 48
Issue: 1
Page: pp. 51-58
Year: 2000

Copyright: Elsevier Science Ltd.

We estimate the wind speeds in Titan's thermosphere by considering the various terms of the wind equation, without actually solving it, with a view to anticipating what might be observed by the Cassini spacecraft in 2004. The winds, which are driven by horizontal pressure gradients produced by solar heating, are controlled in the Earth's thermosphere by ion-drag and coriolis force, but in Titan's thermosphere they are mainly controlled by the nonlinear advection and curvature forces.

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