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Huygens 12th Probe Checkout

Huygens 12th Probe Checkout

30 September 2003

The 12th Huygens Probe Checkout (F12) was executed successfully on September 18, 2003 (DoY 261) as planned.

F12 ran the Checkout Scenario Type 1b, which uses the Doppler Wind Experiment USOs and declares T0 (parachute deployment sequence initiation event) by telecommand to ensure that Chain A is valid.

The data was received via the NASA DSN Station DSS-65 at Madrid and then immediately transmitted to HPOC (Darmstadt) via JPL Data Broadcast. The initial analysis of the data indicates that the probe and all its payload is in excellent health. A detailed review of the checkout will take place in about 8 weeks.

The next activation of the Huygens Probe is planned in early December, when the software patches for the 4-hour preheating option will be uploaded and validated.

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