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Results of AGC in-flight tests

Results of AGC in-flight tests

Date: 16 July 1998
Satellite: Cassini-Huygens
Depicts: Measurements during F1 in-flight test
Copyright: ESA

Top panel: the variation of the pointing of the High-Gain Antenna (boresight and -3dB values) on the solar disk which is represented by +/- 0.2° band.

Middle panel: the same information as in panel 1, presented in a different way. The projection of the solar disk on the HGA beam is pictured every 10-15 minutes during the checkout. An artificial vertical displacement of + or - 5° has been applied on every other plots to enhance the clarity of the figure.

Bottom panel: The time variation of the AGC value for both chains is plotted. The AGC varies between -100.5 dB and -102 dB for F1. The AGC variation is clearly correlated with the HGA pointing variations.

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