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Huygens Probe Descent Multilingual CDROM

Huygens Probe Descent Multilingual CDROM

26 September 2006

A multilingual version of the Huygens Descent movies is now available, thanks to a collaboration between Europlanet and the ESA Communication office. Currently the CDROM contains six languages: English, French, German, Greek, Polish, Finnish.

Other languages are being added and are downloaded from a web server when the CDROM is started on a computer connected to the internet.

The zipped CDROM content is available for download, both for PC and for Mac:


Both files are 150 Mb in size and may take some time to download.
To run, simply download and unzip the desired version (PC or Mac) and start the file "huygens".

The original versions of the movies as released in May 2006, together with the detailed captions, are also still available and can be accessed under the Images and Videos on the right-hand side.

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